Private Jet Rental Guide

A private jet rental offers you many different benefits that you simply can’t receive in first class.

If you are a business professional who travels on a regular basis, you probably fly business class so that you can reach your destination without unneeded complications. Flying business class gives you access to a range of great benefits that make your flight as painless as possible.

But here’s the kicker:

Business class does not let you enjoy the best flight experience.

You might be surprised to learn the advantages you can get when renting a private jet and how cost effective they can be. There are multiple ways to rent a jet with some being way cheaper than you’d expect!

Read the Private Jet Costs and Payment Options section to learn more. There are many reasons to fly private, but let’s start with why it’s a smarter choice than flying first class.


Benefits of Private Jet Charter

Here are 5 reasons why chartering a jet makes more sense than taking a commercial flight:

5 reasons why you should charter a private jet


More than 5,000 airports actively operate in the US, and they are available for the use of the private planes.

In contrast, commercial aircraft only have 500 airports. It is undoubtedly more convenient to land closer to your destination and avoid having to potentially take a lengthy cab ride.

If you hate the numerous inconveniences that typically take place at the airport, you can choose to fly private to avoid security lines.

You also do not have to think about getting to the airport very early or maintaining liquids under a specific allowance.

Want to know the best part?

Just show up, park your car near the plane, give your ID, and board.

Even when you fly international, the process with customs is much smoother than with commercial flights.



If you have ever flown commercially and you have to bring your work with you, it is hard to focus on what you are doing.

Babies may cry, mothers may be lecturing their kid, or couples may be fighting behind you. The noise can easily distract you, and you end up not finishing what you need to do.

Private jets will not give you this inconvenience.

On top of wasting less time and moving faster than commercial flights, you can get your work done while in the air because you are alone or in similar company.

Another reason is security.

Even in business or first class flights, it can be risky to carry out a classified transaction and conversation. You do not know who may be around and listening in.

Additionally, a survey in 2009 by the National Business Aviation Association showed that the respondents rated themselves to be 20% more productive while they are on the company aircraft compared to staying in the office.


They also estimated that they experience a 40% reduction in productivity when they fly commercial.


Travel Time

When companies travel in groups, it may make sense to factor in the loss of work time, which can affect the business financially.

Private jets are much faster.

Let’s consider traveling to Fresno from Palm Springs, California, which should be under an hour in the air.

Flying commercially, this trip can cost you seven hours when taking a commercial flight – considering the plane transfers, wait time, and the whole commute.

Driving can even be faster since it may take just six hours.


If you choose to rent a private jet for the trip, you can get to your destination within 45 minutes.

Some destinations have no airline service or are limited for commercial flights, which makes a private jet much faster and more convenient than driving to the place.

If your itinerary has multiple stops and you only have a short timeframe, it makes sense to fly on a private plane to save time and hassle.



Most travelers dread going to airports because they don’t enjoy walking through airport security checkpoints.

You need to arrive at the airport much sooner than your flight is set to depart to account for the time it takes to get through the security screening.

  • The Hassle of Security
  • You need to take off your shoes
  • Go into a body scanner
  • Explain anything that grabs the officer’s attention
  • Restrictions on what you can bring, including liquids, can be quite stressful.


When you charter a jet, you do not have to deal with issues, such as

  • TSA
  • Long lines
  • Baggage check
  • Not being able to bring your own food
  • A boarding procedure that can waste a lot of your time.


Instead, you get to skip the security checkpoints and walk right to your aircraft

Private flyers love this means of traveling because they do not have to be concerned with airport difficulties.

In fact, the ban on liquids that happened in 2006 did not affect those who take a private plane. 


You will not worry about traveling with items, such as product samples, sports gear, and the like. If you have a pet, you are welcome to take it with you in the cabin.



It may sound crazy:

But we associate private jets with the word “affordable,” primarily because they already suggest luxurious living.


There may be times when commercial flights can lead to a more expensive trip than renting a private jet like when:

  • You lose out on the cost of the flight due to having to cancel the flight.
  • You need to book a last-minute flight that you did not expect to take.
  • Missing a meeting with a new client due to a flight delay can be expensive in more ways than one.


You may think private planes are just an option for big players in the industry.

But not anymore:

Even small companies can benefit from them as they become a more affordable method for traveling.

You can save more with private jets when you consider a day out of the office compared to two days in a hotel room.

With the benefits you can get out of chartering a private jet, flying private is more than just about comfort.

It has real advantages that can even help you spend less while flying in luxury than with an airline.


Choose Any Meal You Desire

Most people board the plane and hope the flight attendants serve food that is at least edible and you are stuck with limited options.

Most people who have ever traveled experience this reality.


  • When you book a charter jet, you can choose any meal you want.
  • Meal flexibility is among the top private jet amenities you could hope to enjoy during your travels.
  • You will let the crew know what you would like to eat during your flight, and they will honor your request.


Depart When You Need (Even if it’s Last Minute)

Another tremendous benefit of using a private jet is that you can leave when you want.

No matter how much you pay for a business class ticket…

You will have to leave on the airline’s schedule.

This can cause you to:

Get up very early in the morning to catch your flight.

Leave hours before your flight in order to beat traffic.

Take into account the amount of time to go through security & park your car.

Book days, weeks, months in advance to get a better price.


Private jet charter defeats that roadblock and lets you decide when to depart.


Keep Your Luggage in Sight

Checking your luggage for a standard flight adds to the inconvenience that most people accept as a fact of life

But bag checks can soon be a thing of the past.

That is if you choose to fly on a private jet.

Private jets let you keep your bags and all of your belongings in sight for the duration of the flight. You won’t need to worry about lost luggage or wait for your bags at the end of your trip.


Private Jet Costs and Payment Options

There are many ways you can rent a private jet.

This depends on many things including:

Your travel situation.

How frequently you will need it.

Whether you will need a jet one time.

Your need it for a series of flights.

The cost savings from travelling year round.

Depending on your needs,  there’s an option for you.

If you regularly travel for business?

Take a look at 25 hour jet cards.

Want to travel lavishly to Vegas without it costing all your gambling money? 

You’ll want to find a last-minute flight on a jet that you can fill with your friends.

If you travel frequently and want access to other luxury amenities and benefits, like events and hotel discounts

You’ll want to look into a private jet membership.

Want to have more ownership of the plane? 

Fractional jet ownership is your best option.

Private Jet Charter

This is the most standard option.

Chartering private jets is quite similar to booking a commercial flight.

Just select your departure and arrival cities, dates, preferred take off and landing time, and the number of passengers and you’ll get a broker to find the cheapest options for you.


Last Minute Flight

By far the most cost-effective way to travel on a private jet is by booking last minute with a group that can rent the whole plane.

Booking this way can get you prices that would shock you.

Not everyone has the luxury of last minute travel, but if it is an option for you, give us a call within a few daysfrom when you want to depart and we can let you know what deals are going on.


Types of Private Jets

Another difference between choosing first class and chartering a private jet is that while first class is about the airline, flying on a private jet is about you.

When you charter a private jet, you will be able to fly whenever and wherever you desire in privacy that is designed to meet your specific needs.

You can select from a range of different private jets to charter from our private jet comparison catalog.

Here are some comparisons to help you to understand the different types of private jets that we offer and which one might be best suited for your purposes.


Light Jets

If you have a small group with whom you will be traveling, one of our light jets may be the right choice for you.

  • Light jets are terrific choices for comfortable short- to mid-range distances.
  • These jets are able to fly further and faster than other types of non-jet aircraft.
  • These jets have an average seating capacity of seven people
  • Baggage capacities that range from 53 cubic feet to 77 cubic feet.
  • The average flight range that you can expect from a light private jet charter is between 2.9 and 3.6 hours.
  • The most common flight speed of these jets ranges from 476 to 518 mph, which means that you can enjoy a non-stop flight range of around 1,500 miles.
  • With their smaller sizes, light jets may take off from private airfields as well as airports.


Mid-size Jets

Mid-size jets are ideal for you if you want to enjoy a longer range and more headroom.

  • Our mid-size jets are a little wider and taller than our light jets, allowing you a little more room to stretch out.
  • The average seating capacity of our mid-size jets is eight passengers.
  • The baggage capacity ranges from 48.0 cubic feet up to 90.0 cubic feet.
  • The average flight range for our mid-size jets is 3.8 to 4.6 hours
  • The flight speed ranges from 422 to 541 miles per hour.
  • The greater flight range means that it is possible to fly nonstop from coast to coast on a mid-sized jet or to only have to make a single stop for fuel.


Super Jets

Super jets are great choices for you if you will be traveling with more passengers and when you want to fly further.

These jets offer enough headroom for people to stand up inside of the cabin and also have private lavatories.

Our selection of super jets offers more room and greater seating capacities.

  • The average seating capacity on our super jets is nine passengers.
  • The super jets also offer much greater baggage capacities that range from 82 cubic feet up to 150 cubic feet.
  • The average flight range exceeds five hours
  • The flight speeds range from 455 mph to 605 mph.


Heavy Jets

Our heavy private jets are perfect for you if you plan to travel with a small crowd.

These jets are ideal for traveling overseas in luxury for your intercontinental flight.

  • Our heavy jets can carry up to 16 passengers.
  • Baggage capacities that range from 127 cubic feet up to 240 cubic feet.
  • You will enjoy a much greater flight range with our heavy jets.
  • These jets offer an average flight range from more than six to more than 10 hours, depending on the model that you choose.
  • The flight speeds of our heavy jets range from 480 miles per hour to 551 miles per hour.
  • During your flight, you can enjoy food and drinks from the galley and freely move about the plane.


Turboprop Jets

We also offer some turboprop jets for private charter.

Turboprop jets may be good choices for business executives who want to charter a private jet for short- to mid-range flights.

They are particularly good choices for you if you plan to travel to a remote location or need to complete short-hop trips.

  • These jets offer seating capacities that range from six to nine passengers.
  • The baggage capacities range from 40 cubic feet to 71.3 cubic feet.
  • With our turboprop jets, you can enjoy a flight range of 3 to 4 hours.
  • Flight speed of 322 to 360 miles per hour.

These jets are more economical to fly than light jets and do not need as great of runway distances to come to complete stops, making them ideal for you if you fly to areas that do not have commercial airport facilities available.



Private Jet Safety

We now live in an age where it’s virtually impossible to travel without getting on a plane.

With over 5,000 aircraft in the air at any given point in time, it’s undeniable that the aviation industry continues to grow.

Rising numbers, however, means busy airports, overbooked flights, and hours sat crammed into a middle seat on a noisy flight.

It’s during these moments that most of us think about what it would be like to upgrade to a private jet, flying comfortably with just the people we’re traveling with.

This might not actually be such a bad idea.

Flying private isn’t as unattainable as most people think it is. 

In fact…

Most jets are chartered for business trips, rather than owned by a billionaire to fly to a private island. This is only one of the misconceptions shrouding the private jet industry.

One of the most inaccurate, however, is that flying private is less safe than taking a commercial flight.

In fact, private jets are just as safe, if not safer than flying commercial – especially in light of recent controversies that have occurred on many commercial flights.




Get There Faster and Smoother

Here’s the bottom line:

One of the greatest appeals of flying on a private jet is cutting down on the miserable time spent walking through the airport and waiting for hundreds of people to board and exit.

Not only do private jets offer the opportunity to get on and off the plane faster, they often actually fly faster.

The fastest passenger planes in the sky are actually private, often flying nearing the speed of sound.

As previously mentioned…

Jets can fly above weather, cutting down on time spent navigating rough air.

The ability to land at more and smaller airports also cuts down on total travel time. Instead of landing at a major airport and taking a cab or public transportation to the actual destination, private jets can land at smaller, local airports and offer passengers door to door service.

Flying private is only a luxury if you are safe. As commercial flight prices continue to rise without increasing their safety standards, flying in a private jet seems less unrealistic.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to impress clients or go on vacation, safety should always be the number one concern.

Flying without fear is certainly worth an investment.

Luxury Travel Tips From The Experts

Travelling can be a great experience, especially when you use one of our terrific private jets to get there.


Contact to get a quote and learn more about our different types of private jets

Chartering a private jet for your flight needs can allow you the ultimate convenience and luxury. You will be able to fly whenever you want and to your chosen destination without having to fly at times that are chosen for you by a commercial airline.

Private jets allow you to enjoy much greater privacy than flying first class can offer. To learn more about the features of our luxurious private jets, you can review our private jet catalog and our private jet comparisons pages.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, enter your charter flight details in our jet charter quote form or call us at 1-516-888-7203 to discover how much it costs to charter a plane.

Enjoy the luxury and convenience of a full service Private Jet Charter.

Enjoy the luxury and convenience of a full service Private Jet Charter.

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