Cessna Citation X

Passenger Capacity:
Seating: 8 Max

Baggage Capacity:
82 cu. ft

Cabin Dimensions:
Width: 5.6 ft
Height: 5.7 ft
Length:  23.7 ft

Range: 5+ hours
Speed: 535-604 mph

The Cessna Citation X defines the supermid-size category. With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (600 miles an hour), the Citation X is the one of the fastest commercial aircraft available on the market. It provides coast-to-coast range and efficiency; the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs. With a Citation X, you can easily cover meetings on both coasts and return home the same evening, while your competitors are still in the air somewhere over Missouri. The Citation X is generally laid out with two sets of four club-seat arrangements. It boasts a height of 5.7ft, width of 5.5ft. and length of 23.9 ft. It also provides 72 cu. ft. of luggage capacity. The Citation X is one of the most popular jets on the market. Looking to rent a private jet like the Citation X? Visit our Charter page for a free quote.

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