Dassault Falcon 50 EX

Passenger Capacity:
Seating: 9 Max

Baggage Capacity:
115 cu. ft

Cabin Dimensions:
Width: 6.1 ft
Height: 5.9 ft
Length:  23.5 ft

Range: 5+ hours
Speed: 455-478 mph

The Falcon 50 EX is part of the super-mid jet class. It offers the range and comfort of a much larger jet. With a sophisticated, large stand-up cabin, supple leather seats and a full-service mini galley, it provides exceptional travel enjoyment and comfort. The 9 passenger seating configuration is generally laid out with, one four seat club arrangement and a separate section of two facing seats and a three-seat divan. The Falcon50EX is a spacious aircraft that offers a total height of 5.9ft, width of 6.1ft and length of 23.5ft. The Falcon50EX is great for those trips that you need extra storage for your luggage with a total baggage capacity of 115 cu. Ft. Looking to rent a private jet like the Citation Jet Family? Visit our Charter page for a free quote.

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